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After your purchase is completed, we will contact you within 2 – 48 hours by Email to collect all necessary details and information to place your Kununu Review(s).

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5ST4RS.EU offers legal, authentic and objective opinions from real people


Buy Kununu Reviews

Buying Kununu Reviews is very simple – We’ll contact you personally and create a concept for your business to achieve your desired goals.

This concept includes an assessment of your business according to the information you provide.

In addition, some kind of self-reflection about your products and / or services will be collected as well.

These aspects are necessary so that we can use them to define a benchmark for your business.

This benchmark is being disseminated through our partner portals, networks and selected influencers, mystery shoppers, mystery patients and mystery clients.

We’ll stay in very close contact with you so that we can avoid any misjudgments due to lack of information and to provide you the necessary reputational boost according to your ideas.

Please note:

We do not use any automated bots or other illegal methods to place your reviews. All these aspects would be identified by the individual portals and quickly be blocked or deleted. Our team, specialized on Kununu Reviews, uses a country-specific portfolio of influencers in a variety of networks. We also work together with many partner companies so that we can always ensure the objectivity as well as the authenticity of the evaluations carried out.

Buy Kununu Reviews – Important Information:

  • Due to the high demand, our team of experts will contact you within 2 – 48 hours after placing your order.
  • The delivery time depends on your wishes and the current rating of your company in the respective portal.

General Questions & Answers

Buy Kununu Reviews – What happens after the purchase?

An employee from our team of experts will contact you within the first 2 – 48 hours after your purchase.

Following information will be obtained from your site:

  • Link to your profile page on the desired platform
  • All necessary details in order to create a profile tailored to your business
  • Your self-assessment of your business
  • Your self-assessment about your service
  • Your self-assessment about your products
  • Desired delivery times
  • Other important information

Then, depending on the extent of your order, you will receive a status update in different periods according to your preferred way of communication.

After completion of the job, we will contact you again to finalize the reputation boost process and collect feedback to ensure your satisfaction.

Buy Kununu Reviews – How soon after making a purchase, will I receive my first review?

As a rule, we deliver the first reviews within the first 48 hours after we collected all necessary details from your side. However, some portals may experience special “verification loops”, which may delay delivery in unfavorable cases up to 72 hours. The delivery time for all reviews depends on the agreed schedule.

Buy Kununu Reviews – Will I receive 5 stars reviews only?

We work closely with you to create a profile for your business. Afterwards, our product/service testers, as well as influencers, will evaluate completely unaffected and objectively.

Buy Kununu Reviews – How long will it take for my order to be completed?

This usually depends on the order quantity and the respective platform on which you want to boost your reputation. Exact details will be discussed with you directly after the purchase. We always try to schedule it according to your wish and according to the restrictions of the respective platform.

Buy Kununu Reviews – What happens if some reviews get deleted/removed?

Usually, this does NOT happen, but we cannot give a 100% guarantee because we ourselves are not the owners of the respective platforms. Should it happen that a review is deleted or removed for unexplainable reasons, then we will of course compensate it by placing the review with no extra costs.

To get a correction, please contact us via Email: [email protected]

Our customer support will then discuss the steps and pass the claim on internally so that the correction can be made as soon as possible.

Buy Kununu Reviews – Is it legal to buy reviews?

In order not to get in the way of the law, it is essential to stick to certain conditions and rules. This means, for example, that the product testers / reviewers / influencers used must by no means be biased or bribed. It is therefore important to generate genuine and freely given reviews (§ 4 No. 3 UWG, § 6 Abs.1 No. 1 TMG). This is exactly what we do and ensure through our official partners, as well as our country-specific influencers and seeding networks.

Buy Kununu Reviews – Will I receive an Invoice?

Since we are a real and professional operating company which is based in Ireland, you will of course receive an invoice with the legally stated value added tax of 23%. Also, all prices in the shop are listed excl. VAT. When submitting your VAT no. during the purchase, your invoice will be excluding VAT.

Buy Kununu Reviews – Can I make an order for more platforms and/or get a bundle price?

If you are interested in purchasing reviews for multiple platforms, then pls feel free to contact us via this form or by Email: [email protected]

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email: [email protected] or via LiveChat or via this contact form.

With the purchase you agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy, as well as the terms of our official partners, in their current form.


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