About Us


We noticed that a lot of companies worldwide struggle with receiving proper reviews and feedback for their products and services. Many of them also suffer from negative reviews that were placed by envious competitors, angry ex-employees or unfair customers.
So, we made it our mission to fight against this injustice and want to help companies to highlight the real benefits of choosing their services and products.
We help you to take proper care of your online-reputation and to get real, high-quality reviews that suit your business, products and services.
Our objective is NOT to cover a deserved bad reputation but to get rid of an undeserved bad reputation so that your business can focus on increasing its turnover and return on investment.
Through years of operation we gained a lot of experience and expertise which we combine in order to provide you the best possible service for a lot of platforms and countries.


We provide real, legal and authentic opinions from real people. We DO NOT work with any bots, scripts or other automated tools.
After receiving your order, we will contact you to collect more information about the campaign. With this information we create a profile of your company and the services or products that you are selling. This profile including all relevant information about your services or products is then spread within our network and partner portals through which selected influencers, mystery shoppers, mystery testers, mystery patients and mystery clients define their assessment.
The distribution of the reviews depends on your instructions. It can always happen that a platform removes a certain review/rating – if this happens you will of course receive a free amendment.
Our reviews are mainly placed in English but upon request, can also be placed in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi or Turkish.